Sand making machine is suitable for crushing medium hard and soft or very hard materials, and sand making machine is widely used in large, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors. But how shall we be going to rust and make a protection?

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The new Sand making machine will make a larger and larger role in the industry. Because the natural sandgradually reduced, artificial sand will gradually replace the natural sand inevitable. But the new sand making machine in the course will exists some problems. Due to the working environment of the new sand machine is bad or is not used for a long time, the rust of the new sand making machine will be a problem, affecting the quality of sand making machine. How to solve this issue of the new sand making machine is very important. So I share a few tips of sand making machine based on past experience for everyone.

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First of all, I need remind everyone that sand making machine, crusher, milling machine and Most of mining equipment are based on the basic structure of steel as the material production.Because the sand making machine prolongs outdoor work, vapor relatively full, and idle for a period of time, the rust of the body is a normal chemical reaction. There is rust inside the machine crushing chamber, which is due to the inner wall and the material (typically greater hardness rocks, minerals and so on) in the crushing process of friction, its inner wall scratches, long-term shelve it is easy to rust. Rusty does not matter, but it should be timely treatment to prevent long-term rust, causing damage to the machine, sand making machine affect the normal use. There are four main methods rust following: The First one is chemical descaling method: mainly using acid and metal oxide chemical reaction. Thereby removing a method for efficient sand making machine rust metal surface corrosion products, known as pickling rust. This addition rust can only operate in the workshop;

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The second one is high-pressure water abrasive blasting: the impact of the use of high pressure water jet action (plus abrasive grinding action) and pry the role of water to remove rust and coated sand machine system on a steel plate. It features no dust pollution, no damage to the steel plate, greatly improving the efficiency of rust, up to 15m2 / h or more, and good quality rust. However, the rusted steel easily return rusted, which must specifically paint wet rust paint that has a greater impact on the general performance of the paint coating; The third one is small pneumatic or electric rust. This method mainly uses electricity or compressed air as power. the crusher machine is assembled the appropriate descaling devices.Crusher machine make reciprocating or rotational movement to suit the requirements of various occasions rust; At the last, I remind that whenever the user of the device usage or idle time, maintenance and repair should be carried out. You can not relax, because a good performance of the device is a symbol for the enterprise revenue.